connecting art, spaces and people

My mission is to help artists to find their audiences and communicate effectively with them. This means showing each piece to its best advantage in relation to other artworks and the exhibition space. It also means using straight forward language to talk about the work.

I love working with unusual and even awkward spaces and places. I am equally at home creating exhibitions from the seed of an idea or getting involved at a later stage to consult on the finishing touches. For me there is real pleasure to be had creating exhibitions both for organisations and with artists groups. My main focus is making the most of the artwork in a given space.

In October 2015 I began an MA in Curatorial Practice at Bath Spa University. My research to date has been around understanding the arts ecosystem. Looking at how artists navigate it, how the curatorial activity I am currently involved with fits into the wider art network and how I can help emerging artists to find their place. I am interested in the co-dependancy of the public sector and the commercial parts of the art world.

about me

This is this bit where I have to tell you about what makes me tick and its the hardest bit to do.

So some stuff about me that might or might not be interesting...

I've moved a lot - seven schools, twenty-two houses across the UK and little bit of the USA.

I did a Chemistry degree first, Art was allowed to take over later.

I always seem to know what time it is to within roughly 10 minutes.

I see colours for numbers.

Mountains and beaches make me happy but so do traffic cones, bridges, cranes and scaffolding.

My first 'art moment' happened in the Tate on a rainy Sunday afternoon in my late teens.

More art moments for more people would be a good thing in my opinion.


I'm in the final stage of my MA Curatorial Practice degree at Bath Spa University and am currently the finishing stages of my 'Long Study'.

I joined the team at the rapidly growing new film school, Screenology, in September 2017.

Between April 2014 and August 2017 I programmed the exhibitions at Town Hall Arts, Trowbridge and Pound Arts, Corsham including the multi-site show Sculpture for Furniture with Michael Pennie.

From Summer 2013 to March 2016 I was Visual Arts and Exhibitions Manager at Salisbury Arts Centre curating exhibitions and related events in a fantastic and challenging decommissioned church building.

As an independent curator I looked after the artwork for Circle Hospital, an inspiring Norman Foster designed building on the outskirts of Bath. The scale of the space offered a great opportunity for artists to exhibit large scale paintings.

Previously I managed Bath Artists' Studios in 2012/13 and Black Swan Arts in Frome during 2010/11. Despite sparse resources we put on some inspiring exhibitions including Ralph Steadman’s Whoops a Daisy and annual Open Exhibitions of a very high standard

I have a good knowledge of the arts ecology of the South West region and am very happy to travel further afield for exciting new projects.